Ikura and The Mud Giant
Ikura and The Mud Giant was first performed last December 2020 for seven COVID friendly performances at Bexton Primary School. It was wonderful to present this story told with puppetry, music and mask. This story will be part of our ‘When Wolves Could Speak’ project available for bookings Spring 2021.
Watching this performance made me realise how much I missed a live performance and as I watched the children I could see they were completely mesmerised and entranced by the story and they had been transformed into the land of the characters. Wendy Snook Teacher. It was a privilege to be able to share some live theatre with the children, they loved the puppets and quickly became completely engrossed in the story. A big thank you to Paul, Perry and Louise for such a brilliant performance. We can’t wait to do it again! Jill Sach Deputy Head Bexton.